Hey Everyone or anyone! Our new EP Time and Color releases digitally on Jan 22nd, 2008 and will be available everywhere in stores sometime in…
burningtreeproject Dec 04, 2007
Dear Valentinevid
Stop Saying Its Overvid


Say something to slow her hands around my neck Just cut off her arms Throw my pills into the well we drink Infect the words that we say I'm…
burningtreeproject Dec 04, 2007
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  • Label Type: unsigned
  • About:
    Behind the artsy hair, torn up tight jeans and artistic ts lies a story much more transparent than people may at first notice about the band Burning Tree Project. And then there's the bullet hole scar on Enik's (lead vocals/ryhthm guitarist) leg strongly suggesting that, quite possibly, the 6 members of this band have been through something much more than rockin out on stage on a heated summers night.

    So lets turn back the time to when Enik was immersed in his old gang life and infatuated with the love of drugs and money, whilst, Andre (keys/screams) spent most of his life searching for a sense of love and care where ever he could find it. And who can forget PRD (bass guitar, bgvs) stuck in the city of riverside where it is said that theres nothing to do but do drugs, and so he did. Then something happened that would change their lives forever and its written all over their songs and lyrics.

    So its more than a story of anger, being empty, having nothing, feeling hurt, bleeding dry, and swimming in the void. Its a story of a new hope because everyone is searching for a hero but few are lucky enough to find one.

    In a world where people are shot and killed on freeways for no apparent reason, where kids choose to escape or deal with reality through needles, pills, and bottles, the most solitary of people still need something or someone to identify with. We know because weve been there. And throughout our deepest of struggles, though we may not have identified with a father figure or teacher, we identified with our music. I consider it a blessing that through everything that Ive been through, Im still alive enough to get in front of that mic and sing songs that people can relate with. Because thats what its all about relativity. - Enik

    "We play for the audience of one but for the movement of millions"-BTP.
  • Members:
    Enik Lin - Lead Vocals, Guitar
    Johnny Mora - Lead Guitar
    Andre Harris - Keyboards, Programming
    PRD - Bass, Vocals
    Scott Corgan - Guitar
    David Briggs - Drums
  • Sounds Like: doom bah..doom bah...doom doom bah..doom bah
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